How Sitemap Help to Rank a Website in Search Engine?

Before we know “how a sitemap help to rank a website in the search engine” we need to know what is a sitemap. A sitemap is a collection of web pages of a particular website. In other words, we can say sitemap includes every existing page and every newly added page, blog posts and images. A sitemap can be created manually or using various free and paid tools.

How it helps to rank a website?

Sitemap is actually an entry point for Search Engine to enter in your website and to know about the website fully. Sitemap helps to show the URL’s of website to Search Engine, Images used in website, videos used in website and many more things. Every search engines have their own algorithms to judge the ranking and sitemap is an important factor Search Engine ranking point of view.

How many types of sitemaps are there?

sitemaps are divided basically in two categories XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.But there are more types of sitemaps are available.

(A) XML Sitemap: This sitemap is used for Search Engine ranking purpose.Search Engines actually use algorithms to process the ranking or to judge what website to rank on what position for a particular keywords. XML sitemap can be generated via free or pad tool or manually.

(B) HTML Sitemap: This sitemap is used for human persons or real human visitors. If any person wants to visit the sitemap of any website can visit and check the structure of a complete website. XML sitemap is not readable for human persons that’s why an html sitemap is used for real people.

(C) Image Sitemap: Image sitemap is used to store images and their content. Image sitemap is very useful to rank images in search engine.

(D) Video Sitemap: Video sitemap is used to list the videos and its content. Using video sitemap we can easily rank the videos in various Search Engines video search.

(E) Mobile Sitemap: Mobile XML sitemaps are used to list the URL’s related to feature phones.

(F) News Sitemap: News XML sitemap is used to rank your content in new search such as Google news.

Is it necessary to add a sitemap to website?

Yes adding sitemap to a website has become necessary if we talk SEO point of view. Google and other search engines use sitemap to find that particular websites structure, URL, images and videos links. All these things help search engine to rank your website. If you don’t have a website it means you are missing a big part. The priority of ranking in Search Engine will be very less because you don’t have a very important part to your website.

How to create and submit a sitemap?

Sitemaps can be created using various tools available online. You can find both free and paid tools to generate a sitemap online. You can also visit a SEO services provider company to help you generating a sitemap or even you can go for complete SEO services.

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