How to Research Keywords to Promote Your Business Online?

Keyword researching is not an easy task but it can be made easy if we know how to research best keywords. Before going in deep we should know what is keywords research.

Keywords: Keywords are the terms those are entered in various search engines in expectation of getting some information online. Two or more than two words are known key phrases.

Keywords Research: The process of finding or selecting best keywords those are searched highly and responsible for increasing the business online are called keywords research. Keywords can researched using various free and paid online keywords research tools.

How many types of keywords we can research?

Keywords can be divided into multiple categories.

  • Keywords:- As we have already discussed above about keywords. A single word is called keywords. For example – “SEO”
  • Key Phrases:- Two or more than two keywords are called key phrases. For example- “SEO Services
  • Long tail keywords:- These type of keywords include more than 3 words and we can also say searching something by using a sentence or question or 3-4 words. These are descriptive keywords. For example – “Bes SEO services Provider Company”.
  • Branded keywords:- These type of keywords include business name or brand name. Branded keywords are used to promote the brand or business. For example – “BPS IT & Web Services”.
  • Generic keywords: These keywords use generic terms such as visit here, click here, go here, visit this site etc.

What are the things to follow while researching keywords?

There are some criteria’s we need to follow while researching keywords.

Keywords Search Volume: This is the most important factor needs to be focused while researching keywords. Search Volume is actually a number of times a keyword is searched in a specific time frame.  Here we need to keep in mind what is targeted location. Whether we are checking the search volume globally or targeting any specific location such as India, UK , USA or any country. If we target Global then all locations are covered.

For Example: Keyword “ SEO Services” are searched approx 33000 times in a month globally and “SEO company” is searched approx 27000 times. So if we want to select one keywords then we need to go for “SEO Services” because it has more search volume.

Keywords Competition: This differentiate the competition between various keywords and tell the users how difficult the particular keyword to rank in search engine. This competition is mainly divided into three parts. Low competition, medium keywords and high keywords. For example if compare two keywords such as “SEO Services” and “best SEO services” than “SEO services” has more competition than “best SEO services”.

What tools we can use to research keywords?

There are multiple keywords research tools available online to find the best keywords. You can find Free keywords research tools as well as paid keywords research tools online. You can find some difference in results by different tools. There are some tools such as Keywords Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Semrush, Rank tracker, Moz etc.

Who Can Research best keywords for me?

This article can help you to know about keywords and what tools can be used but if you don’t have proper time then you can visit to any SEO company near you. BPS IT & Web Services is one of the best SEO provider company located in Jaipur can research keywords for you those can increase your business online by many folds.

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