Organic VS Inorganic Traffic

First of all we need to understand the term “Traffic”. In simple language and in terms of SEO, traffic means visitors. If you have a website you can check people from different locations and sources lands on your website. For example if you get 100 visitors on your website in a day then you can say 100 traffic for that particular day. Now mainly you can get two types of traffic (1) Organic Traffic and (2) Inorganic Traffic or Paid Traffic.

Organic Traffic: As name says Organic means Natural. When a person goes to any Search Engine such and Google and enters a keywords and click on search, Search Engine display top 10 results on SERP or First page. You can visit any website by clicking on the link that displays on SERP. 90% of traffic comes from Search Engine first page. There are two types of results you can see on SERP, Paid results and Organic results. If someone clicks on organic results then it is called Organic Traffic. Organic traffic can get generated by Search Engine Optimization services or SEO Services. To apply best SEO services you need to have deep knowledge and experience of all SEO activities. If you don’t have you can find professional SEO services.

What is Benefit of Organic Traffic?

(a)Organic traffic is known as trustworthy and genuine traffic then paid traffic. People who search any term on Search Engines, they first visits the organic results in Search Engine and Skips paid traffic because one-third of traffic of the internet users trust in organic results.

(b) Organic traffic can be generated without paying. We don’t need to pay to Search Engine to get results in organic results.

(c) It increases your brand value and business awareness because results appear in SERP are not easy. Google show best 10 Results on Google First Page.

Inorganic Traffic:  This type of traffic can be generated by spending money it means you need to pay for this traffic.

  • Inorganic traffic is more costly than organic but it gives quick results than organic traffic.
  • Getting organic traffic takes time and it’s a long term process whereas inorganic traffic can be generated instantly or within 24 hours by purchasing Ads.

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