Questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency

If you are looking for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency to promote your business online then you must be having many questions in your mind. Nobody can select an SEO firm just in a single effort. Because selecting the best search engine optimization firm you need to have meeting with 4-5 companies at least so that you can choose the finest company. Having meeting with different companies can give you different information and thats why out of these information you can select that your think is best. Here are question you can ask to SEO companies.

  1. Existence: When you visit to any SEO company first of all you need to ask about the company. You can put the question “how long company been providing SEO services?”. If they reply in answer more then 4-5 years than you can hire them because 4-5 years of experience is considered good.
  2. Work: Second important questions you can ask them is “how many websites have promoted online so far”.  The answer of this question can prove their total experience in SEO.  If company says more than 100 clients you can think it’s ok because 100 clients is minimum to serve in 4-5 years approx. This is only we are assuming and trying to judging the company.
  3. Feedbacks: This is very important question you need to ask to SEO providers. Client’s feedback is one of the best way to judge the company. You need to check out how many feedbacks they have and how many positive and negative reviews they have. If the firm has only positive feedbacks, that makes doubt because no one is perfect. If you get most of reviews positive and few negative and average you can assume them good SEO services provider.
  4. Locality: Before hiring an SEO agency it is must to check where is company located because there are many benefits of hiring a local SEO company. You can visit the company physically if company is located near you and even you can also make yourself secure in terms of payment if you make advance because in case of cheating or scam you can visit them physically.
  5. Online presence of the company: If you are going to hire services for online promotion then it is very important to check whether the company is ranking in Search Engine or not. If company is ranking for good keywords it can prove that they can rank others also.

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