Top 5 Ways to Write SEO Friendly Content

If we talk about SEO than it is said that Content is king and its truth. SEO or Search Engine Optimization work around content that you post.  If you are working to get top 10 rankings in various Search Engines such as Google you need to post content on various platforms on the Internet. There are multiple types of contents people use such as Original and unique content, duplicate content, long content, short content, promotional content, user-friendly content, SEO friendly content etc.

There are lots of factors work to decide rankings for a particular website but content is the most important part because only content is the way that can say to user what we do and what is intent behind the particular content. Writing high quality content is not an easy job and you need to know very well how to make it happen. This article will help you to write useful content for achieving your goals.

Here are top tips that can help you to write high quality SEO optimized content

  • Choose Your Target Audience:  Before start writing it is very important to decide for whom you are going to write content. You need to find out the need of your targeted audience so that you later you can make higher engagement with your targeted visitors. For Example you are an “SEO company in Jaipur” than at first step you should target your local audience that’s in Jaipur and nearby and make a list of criteria’s for this. You should focus your local people and try to write that gives a solution to your expected visitors to solve their problems. You can hire SEO content writing company for better results also.
  • Write Original Content: While writing content is advisable to write original content. Here original content means that content you write should not be available anywhere on the internet before you post somewhere. Every content writer need help and reference sites to get an idea to produce new content but it means not you copy exactly any other content. If you do do this, it will be duplicate and want help to rank your site on top. You also need to use proper format for content such as Title, Heading, Sub-heading, Images so User-and Search Engine can understand your content easily.
  • Write Relevant Content: While writing content you need to focus on relevancy. Keep eye on your target and the title that you create for your content. You title should elaborate your full content and it should answer the question of users who are expected to land on your site.
  • Put Questions: To make the content user-friendly and SEO friendly if you add WH words such as What, Why, Where, When, Who etc. it makes your content relevant and more informative and impressive.
  • Use Keywords:  Keywords have very important role while writing content. If you want your content to rank in Search Engine for a particular keyword then you need to add that keywords, long tail keywords around that, synonyms of that keywords.  Use your targeted keywords in Title, Heading and Subheadings to make it SEO friendly content.

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