What Are the SEO Basics A Business Owner Must Know?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making the website Search Engine Friendly so that it can appear in Search Engines top Pages. In other words we can say SEO is performed to get the highest visibility in various search engines and organic traffic.

This article is written mainly for business owners who are running their business with the help of a website.  Because only creating a website does not help to grow the business, there are multiple activities are need to be done.

SEO is one of the best strategies to promote your business online so that you can get more organic or real traffic to increase your business online. There are multiple activities are included in whole SEO Services. There are three main search engines people use Google, Yahoo and Big but here in this article we will talk about most famous search engine called Google.

Here are the basis activities you need to know for a successful SEO Results.

  • Website Structure: First of all your website structure should be very easy and user-friendly. It should be easy to visit every pages from each other.URL structure should be simple and user-friendly, Website Navigation should be easily accessible, Images and all graphics should be very attractive, Website should have call to action button and proper communication address. If you have any problem you can cunsult with your web design company to fix these errors.
  • Website Loading: Website should be very fast so that it can open in browser without taking extra time. If a website takes high time to load let’s say more than 5 second, it is considered a slow website and not good for both real human visitors and search engines.
  • Meta Data: Its not very hard to understand the meta data but have an very important role in Search Engine Optimization. Meta Data means including Titles, Meta Description, and Keywords etc. Title and meta description are shown in Google Search Result Page when someone inquiry for something.
  • Web Page Content: Content on website should be original. Original content means whatever text you add should be reliable and plagiarism free. Google gives extra priority to unique and original contents. A proper heading should be here, you can ad Heading, sub-heading, Questions and answers etc.
  • Responsive website:Your website should be responsive. A responsive website is that who can inherent any screen regulation. Website should be opened perfectly in all devices such as Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and tablets.
  • Sitemap on website: It is important to add a sitemap to your website. For search engine point of view you need to ad xml sitemap and for human visitors view you need to add a html sitemap.
  • 404 Error Page: You should set up 404 error page to your website. If you don’t have this implemented on your site and there is any page that is not exist, website will show a rubbish page but if you have already 404 error page, this page will be shown in front of user with some extra information.
  • Contact Us Page: Many people don’t give priority to this page but this is very important page for any website. You should have all required information on your contact us page such as address, Phone number, Email id, contact form etc.
  • Google My Business page: If you still don’t have local business page on Google then you need to setup it immediately because its must to get local customers to grow your business.

I hope this article will help to you people. If you check your website and don’t find all these mention requirements you can think to hire an Excellent SEO provider company. Before hiring SEO services I will recommend you to ask any doubts.

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