What is Crawl Budget and Why You Should Care It?

Crawl Budget: The number of your websites pages crawled by Search Engine crawlers in a specific time frame such as in a day called crawl budget. The number of web pages changes slightly every day. Indexing of web pages depends on our crawl budget. If the crawl budget is high there is more chance to index more pages and if crawl budget is low than less chances to index the pages. Crawl budget can be 5 page per day or 500 pages per day or may be 1,00,000 pages per day. It depends on multiple things.

Why Crawl Budget is assigned by Search Engine?

Crawl budget is assigned by Google to every website because Google does not have unlimited resources. Google needs to crawl every website that is available on the Web. In this case Google needs to allocate the crawl budget for every website. Now which website will have what crawl budget is depends on multiple things.

Crawl budget depends on below given things

  1. Number of website pages
  2. Health of your website and
  3. Backlinks to your site
  4. Your Web Server

How Does a Crawler Crawls the Site?

  1. Lets talk about Google Crawler “Googlebot”. Google bot first of all make the list of URL’s those need to be crawl.
  2. Now Googlebot visit the robots.txt file and check if there is any restriction to crawl any specific URL or all URL’s are allowed.
  3. Once crawls a URL it moves to next one. Googlebot can find new links added to content that helps Googlebot to find the new URL.

How Crawl Schedule works?

Crawl schedule includes crawling new URL’s or re crawling old URL’s. Crawl schedule depends on multiple things such as

  • Changes in your content or we can see how often you update your content.
  • Quality and quantity of backlinks that a URL has.

Quality and quantity of backlinks that a URL has.

(1)You should care about your websites crawl budget because your website ranking and visibility depends on crawling.

(2) How many webpage will be indexed in Google its depends on crawling of web pages.

(3) If you have big crawl budget, you have chance to crawl more pages by Googlebot. More crawling means there is more chance to get more
pages indexed.

(4) More indexed pages means you have more chances to get organic traffic and hence more chances for conversion.

How I know my website crawl budget?

  • Login to your Google webmaster account
  • On the left side click on Crawl
  • Now click on Crawl Status and you can see three graphs. Pages crawled per day, Kilobytes downloaded per day and time spent downloading a page.

Who can take care of my website crawl budget?

To take care of crawl budget either you need to have proper knowledge you should need to hire the best SEO CompanyMoving to SEO provider experts you ensure yourself for multiple activities.  An SEO company take care of every single activity such as website structure, load time, content, On page optimization, Off page, Technical SEO etc.

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