Types of Mobile Apps and Benefits of Having Them

  1. Technology always moves forward at a quick pace, and after the coming of mobiles, application development has grown well within the companies and industries.

  2. Regardless of business nature, many companies focus on the implementation of applications and include mobile devices in their strategic B-plan.

  3. However, there also exist numerous companies who ignore the importance of mobile apps, their features and the fact of how they can improve business, ROI, and profit in the market?

  4. In the era of the online market, mobile apps have undoubtedly revolutionized the form of marketing and are growing fast with no signs of slowing down.

  5. Currently, 77% of the world’s population is online waiting for new mobile applications to take space on their phone. Everybody knows where to go directly to getting new customers.

  6. Though there are many mobile devices, and kinds of apps, people often fail to know the types of mobile apps and their benefits.

  7. Thus, this article is all about understanding the benefits of mobile apps. But, before that, it is required to understand what types of apps run in the market.

Types Of Apps

  • Native Apps are developed for a particular operating system on a mobile device. Basically, they are exclusively created for mobile phones including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Web Apps or a Mobile Friendly Webs are easier in the development, management and is done from a computer. Mobile app developers do not use different programming languages but develop them in renowned languages like JavaScript or HTML.
  • Hybrid Apps are mainly web applications which run on mobile and desktop versions and posses pros and cons of both native and web mobile apps.

“Native applications run within the device’s operating system while WebApps run inside the device’s browser.”

The computers and television units combined cannot cross the total number of mobile devices in the world. It means your business is always going to need a mobile presence for staying connected with the customers.

Keeping this in mind, our app developers would like to hight a few benefits of mobile apps that improvises the way of doing business.

These mobile apps benefits are given below as follows;

Benefits Of Mobile Apps

  • Need not to wait: Mobile apps are a faster alternative of mobile web browsing because launching a browser, entering a URL and waiting for the site takes a lot of time. On the other hand, a mobile app takes seconds and also works offline.
  • Mobile apps are a constant reminder: Apps reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility and makes the presence of your business on the phone quickly while helping you to make the customer base for building loyalty.
  • Increase customer engagement: Customers call out for mobile apps as they quickly connect them to those businesses which they mostly need. Companies use apps to improve their work processes while increasing the level of accessibility to connect and interact with customers seamlessly.

“These three benefits of mobile apps highlights how valuable are mobile apps for modern business.”

  • Reduces costs: Apps simplify the communications by securely reducing costs of SMS messages and newsletters. Any mobile app instantly and directly messaging customers reduce staff workload by information requests and the phone calls.
  • Determine how popular your app can be? Is my mobile app going to be helpful to the customers and most importantly are people going to use it? The only answer to these questions can be found via research. Try polling your existing customers, your online visitors and ask them questions. This probably will help you in gaining a better understanding of whether there is a market for your developed app or not.
  • Define the purpose of your app: First and foremost the mobile app must have a clear intention to provide a value. Therefore, put yourself in the customers’ shoes such as what do they want and is their need can be fulfilled from your app? Nextly, how your app is going to improve your services to them? Additionally, what will grab your customer’s attention?
  • Time and resources allocation: Mobile apps aren’t just a financial investment, but also require a massive amount of time as well. Like anything based on technology, mobile apps will be maintained to stay relevant for providing the best services to your customers while improving the internal work processes.
  • Business requirements: Mobile apps aren’t for every kind of business; therefore, before you make any decisions, you must focus on all actual needs of your business. If you are in need of something with a high functionality, then it is better to have a website which requires customers to login via credentials.After that, a mobile app is worthwhile because of the benefits of mobile apps having a high customer interaction and social media engagement.

Businesses from all the corners of the world are offering a ludicrous range of products, have started migrating from the physical world of delivering out leaflets, printing advertisements, plus hanging billboards, to the mobile area. And you should too.

Now, I know what you might be thinking!

And maybe that’s moved the case in the past. But if you want to prepare for the future also start seeing the huge benefits right out the gate, you’ll need a mobile app.

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