How to Increase Website Traffic in 2019: Top Tricks

how to Increase website traffic in 2019

Increase Website Traffic in 2019: Top Tricks

If you want to increase website traffic for your online business, you need a model to work and pay your bills. Therefore, you must employ multiple strategies to accumulate new visitors to your site, and keep old visitors engaged with the content.

Here are a few ways to drive and increase website traffic to your online business in 2019.


Website Auditing

The best way to drive scalable and consistent traffic unique visitors or customers to your site is through SEO. Instead of doing things, you must take a strategic approach and audit your website to focus on the highest opportunities.

Use a combination of a digital marketing tool and a site crawler like SEMrush to discover current opportunities/issues proactively and learn about new challenges, opportunities when you go building your business.

Create New & Unique Content

The best way to increase traffic to your site is by getting organic traffic at the number of pages on your site that ranks for your relevant keywords. Find out the scope, where you can add new blog posts, new category pages, or modern pieces of engaging content (visuals, quizzes, etc.) to target specific keywords.

Old Content Optimization

Since you are tracking your keyword rankings, you can find keywords that might rank near the bottom of the first page, then add useful content to those pages for helping them rank better. Google also prefers new content and updated stale content.

Launch New Products

The most excellent way to attract new users to your online site is to launch products that meet customers needs. The significant part is that you often charge for these as well and make money online for full conversion funnel of traffic.

Create Online Courses

The great thing about the Internet is that you are free to publish any type of content. By creating longer form content like courses, text tutorials, etc. targeted around specific keyword phrases, you can drive more traffic to the site.

Write Guest Posts

By using a site named SimilarWeb, it is easy to find websites related to yours. Suppose your audience usually gets content onto their site it helps them build traffic at the same time to get access to the new audience.

Accept guest posts

Similarly, many sites want links for the SEO purposes and access your customers. Let them guest post on your site if they are not your direct competitor. After then, they invest in your company and promote the content which they’ve produced.

This is a Double win!

Launch Infographics

If you have a good designer in your company or you can find one, then create useful graphics to tell stories and help people see your content in an attractive new way. Also, do outreach for links, promote them on Pinterest, and create backlinks.

Social advertising

Social advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks are relatively cheap as compared to Adwords. All this network via social advertising allows you to segment down demographics or the target by keywords to hit your ideal audience.


PPC (Pay Per Click) is best used for conversion-oriented keywords because it gets you a new audience preoccupied with a thought to get converted.

Create Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a highly strong domain, and your Pinterest boards might rank very well. Do your perfect typical keyword research for your website, and then take some of those keywords, target them on Pinterest.


Especially in B2B spaces, businesses partnerships can become gold for customer acquisition. Create out referral programs with the complementary companies and try to funnel some of their traffic to your site. In either way, go through website mentions email marketing, etc.

Link Acquisition

This feels like an old school tactic; however, it’s still true that the number of links you have to your site, the better your site will rank. Thus, acquire links to your website from content, from relevant resource pages on the other sites, and from outreach that you do.

Promote Your Content Via Outbrain/Taboola

Content promotion is very cheap these days such that you’d be silly not to do it. I know many people with content sites making thousands of dollars a day from promoted content.

Build Satellite Websites

If your main website is around one niche, but you operate in many niches, then you can build out websites specifically targeting at those other niches and use them to funnel traffic to all your other sites to spread the organic reach.

Speed up your website

A fast loading site not only converts better but on a prominent website, you get more organic traffic because the search engines crawl your site faster to find more relevant search based content. Start with switching hosts, optimize your code; make sure you use aggressive caching and a CDN – content delivery network.

Target HackerNews/ Reddit /relevant forums with content

If you can get content or a product to go hot and viral on a site like Hacker News, Reddit, or ProductHunt, you get tens of thousands of visitors, signups, and sales. There’s Reddit marketing research that shows that Redditors love links more than any other content!

Speak at conferences

If you enjoy speaking, then discussions are a great way to get in front of a targeted audience. Now, if you encourage them to tweet about it, then get ready in front of their social media audience.

Run YouTube Ads

Whether you can or can’t create videos, there are videos on YouTube which target audience watches. Now, You can run YouTube videos and earn money online via Ads.



2017 was the year of influencer marketing, we hope it will continue into 2018 and 2019. Thus, get influencers to post your products, blog on the site, share it, or interview them and provide all for free to your users.

We recognize that these traffic increasing strategies will work for every site, but many of them might not give you result in few days. They might take months! After all, marketing isn’t about the tactics you deploy, but the tactics you implement to drive your strategy forward.

Leave your comments about how you drive traffic to your site in 2019!

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