Bulk Email Marketing Services

BPS IT & WEB SERVICES Email Marketing Services in India is backed by a world-class infrastructure that enables the high ability for delivering bulk emails to the target audience. We believe bulk mailing is a powerful medium for any digital marketing company like us.

Therefore, we have designed our EM services according to the aspects of mail broadcasting. Our managed email marketing guide your email campaigns by increasing the quality of your e-communication system.

We apply best practices in email marketing to ensure that the messages get delivered to their intended recipients quickly.

Bulk Mailing Plans

Choose our customized Email marketing Plans to fulfill your business needs. These fully managed plans help marketers to deliver high-quality contents that are valuable for the customers. Start it from planning to scheduling, our emailer designing measures and operates it all within minutes. Every plan of us guarantees a higher performance.

Automated Emailing

Automation gives an ecosystem to helps marketers in sending effective messages that suit the needs of subscribers. For marketers, email marketing automation robustly controls data management, email segmentation, the deployment, and email personalization. It helps all digital marketers to send a compelling message.

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Email Validation

It comes under our email data Mining services which help you to mine the targeted list of potential clients and customers. It allows you to have complete focus on your targeted buyers. We also take advantage in data mining techniques and tools such that our email validation services help you to validate the email address list in real-time.

Email Marketing Services: Features

Being a leading digital marketing company in India, we value your every business aspirations and handle each campaign to deliver maximum user response.

List Management

Manage a contact list with emailers’ advanced segmentation which enables you to dig via your email lists efficiently

Managing Subscriptions

We assure complete spam compliance where a personalized URL update users’ preferences in an automatic unsubscribed link which is attached aways at the bottom of each mail.

Message Scheduling

Schedule your campaign at a fixed time in advance to suit you the best. Get delivery reports and notifications immediately when your message gets delivered directly into your subscriber’s inbox.

Track Campaigns

Use real-time email tracking and email reporting in each bulk email marketing.

Open And Click Tracking

Get a detailed and updated response summary whenever a person clicks on the links or opens your marketed message. Furthermore, get informed on every single click upon its opening.

Handle Bounces

Get a deep insight into the mail bounces for determining your permanent need to delete those email ids from the lists which should make another attempt in communication.

Why Choose BPS IT & WEB SERVICES As Your Email Marketing Agency?

  • We have years of aindustrial experience in the email marketing
  • We handle digital campaigns and clients from major countries
  • We are the fastest growing emailing company in India
  • We save time and money with an effective marketing strategy
  • The average Client Age in our mail marketing services is approx; one year which is a standard client retention ratio.