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BPS IT & Web Services Pvt. Ltd. offering creative logo design, powerful and professional branding services to businesses. We have skilled Logo Designers for Startups, Enterprise and eCommerce companies in India.

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  • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.
  • ­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • ­The Strategic approach towards redesigning brand.

We create the unique and professional logo design that presents the image you want and make you smile. Your company logo is an important part of your overall brand identity. We’re here, ready to assist and support you in creating a logo for your business that makes you smile.

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Our Logo Design Process

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


Logo design is a complex creative process that requires several steps to achieve a remarkable result that is effective, targets the right market, reflects your brand, and stands out from the crowd. Thus the logo design process requires time, research, analysis, thought, and careful attention to detail.

Your business logo is the core of your brand. A poorly designed logo can generate negative perceptions of your business. However, a professionally designed logo will give your business the attention it deserves by attracting and impressing the right customers.


This is where the design phase begins, and for me it starts with sketching ideas and word mapping on paper. The process varies from project to project and can generate very random and outlandish designs. However, it allows for a quicker and more fluid brainstorming of ideas. This also streamlines the design process as only the best ideas proceed onto the next step.


The best sketches are then chosen for further exploration. In other words, they are polished and rendered into logo design concepts. Normally the number of ideas developed into logo design concepts are between 3-4. In order to focus on form and design, these logo concepts are rendered exclusively in black and white. Note: In some cases, where specific brand colors are defined, color will be included with the logo design concepts.


This is where I take the selected logo concept and provide you with 3-4 color variations based on information from the creative brief and research. The presentation is then updated to include color versions, and you will choose one concept as your final logo design.

Note: In some cases, where specific colors are defined, color will be included with the logo design concepts.

Final Logo

The selected logo design is then used to prepare the Logo Design Style Guide. This document provides specifics on how to use your new logo on various applications, defines Pantone colors and typefaces used, and helps you make the most of your logo as your brand grows. I typically prepare the Logo Design Style Guide and send it to you for a final approval.