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Mobile Apps have become the necessary things for everybody to find something online. BPS IT & Web Services is one of the best and professional mobile app development Company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Our Expert mobile app developers are highly qualified, skilled and experienced. BPS has a proven record of developing high quality and professional smart-phone application. We develop custom applications and add the features that is necessary to run your business easily online. Before going in details we should know about the mobile application a little bit.

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What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile Applications are application Softwares designed to run on mobile phone or a smart phone. Mobile applications can also be run on desktop and laptop but main purpose to develop these applications to run on a mobile device. These applications can be designed and developed according to need and can be added extra features according to need.

Types of Mobile Applications?

Mobile Applications can be divided in to three types.

  • Native Mobile Applications: These are the applications those designed and developed to run on specific platform such as Android, iOS ,Windows etc. Application that is designed and developed for Android phone cannot be used for iOS platform. These type of applications can be downloaded directly from Google Ply store and iphone app store.

Example of Native Mobile Apps:

Android Applications

iOS Applications

Windows Applications

  • Web Applications: These type of applications are designed and developed to run on multiple platforms. These applications are not installed on mobile devices but stored in remote server that can be downloaded using a browser via Internet.
  • Hybrid Applications: Hybrid application are designed and developedusing the elements of both native and web applications.

Benefits of Having A Mobile Application?

Big advantage you can get to your business if you have a mobile application for your business. First of all mobile application gives extra exposure to your business online and gives an option to reach more people online. You can have following benefits

  • Extra Exposure
  • Show Your Business on Mobile Devices
  • Easy way to reach to your business
  • Easy communication
  • Access from anywhere

Who Can Develop High Quality Mobile Apps for your business?

If you are looking for a mobile application than you can hire a professional mobile app development company or expert mobile app developers, individuals. Hiring a company can give you big advantages. BPS IT & Web Services is also an reputed and professional company who develops high quality mobile applications. Most of business use Android and iOS mobile applications for their business. Our Expert app developers have great experience in developing both types of mobile application.

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