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At affordable prices, in a pocket-friendly manner, we produce effectively SEO-optimized website, not overnight but based on Google’s latest updates.

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Our company’s strategy includes consistent evolution to ensure exceptional SEO results for your business.

The BPS IT & WEB SERVICES team approaches SEO practices internally and externally with full force to increase the organic traffic and search engine rank. The trusted SEO audits at your websites by us provide an in-depth look; how a site is doing in regards to your other competitors.

In efforts of boosting SEO of your website, we follow methodical, technological and logical approaches where our SEO services experts do proper keyword research, ideal link building and utilize every social media to bring the website, its info rich blog posts in front of every eye.

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Lead Generation:Your site is the first source to bring leads to you. We strength your website, let the customers contact you and generate leads for the growth of your business.

Brand Visibility:Maybe you are not Apple, Microsoft not quite a big brand, but your website is more than the logos. Branding decides for what you stand in front of the clients!

Increase Traffic:Everyone wishes to be on the top of Google’s first page, but you don’t know every page is first, it depends on which keyword and on what SEO services you work.

Increase Sales:If your traffic is more, your visibility increases, then you can successfully capture the leads. It will definitely increase the sales but not without the help of SEO.

On Page SEO Services

  • Keyword research in-depth
  • 100% technical SEO audit
  • Page content optimization
  • Content strategy

Off Page SEO Services

  • Backlinks
  • Link building – result oriented
  • Social media sharing
  • Content marketing

We then focus on specific metrics, search engine Google and other search engines, give them a stamp of approval by after placing your website higher on the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages)

Our SEO approach is uniquely built around our knowledge, our experience, our work and the verified factors that play within Google’s algorithm, but not on the tips, tricks, techniques, and tactics that other agencies use every time Google updates.

BPS IT & WEB SERVICES: A Traditional SEO Company!

BPS IT & WEB SERVICES is an SEO services provider which leverages a wealth of data performance and market research to build scientifically-driven SEO strategies. Our methodology combines the best of technology and people delivering impactful business results at breakneck speed.

  • Driven by passion and experts, we deliver great work and keep clients first.
  • Our SEO company uses data-driven methods to drive the campaign strategy.
  • No hiding behind any fake traffic numbers. We always prioritize SEO transparency and track 24 hours a day.
  • There is only one success metric, i.e. ROI by tracking conversions to create value.
  • Digestible detailed reporting without and taking about any confusing points.
  • 24X7 full customer support.