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SEO Company IndiaGet Top 10 ranking SEO Services by the best SEO Company in India known as “BPS IT & Web Services” located in India, Jaipur. Affordable prices, experienced SEO team and delivery within time are best key features that encreases you to start promoting your business with BPS.

BPS has great experience to promote websites in Indian market to increase your business search visibility in various Search Engines.  High Organic traffic from targeted locations helps to increase the business online.

SEO Services is a common word in digital marketing. Anybody who wants to grow the business online will definitely go for result oriented high-quality top SEO services to get the best online visibility for their business.

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Hiring the Best SEO Company has become the first choice of business owners who want to promote their business online. If you search top SEO Company in India then only one name populates and that is BPS IT & Web Services located in Jaipur, India . SEO services done by highly skilled and experienced SEO experts always gives top organic results in various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. BPS has all the qualities that make the company No.1 SEO Company in India.

  • Get Best SEO Results: BPS provides top SEO results in organic searches. Top 10 SEO rankings increase your online visibility and expose your brand among more and more people.
  • White Hat SEO Strategy: High organic and long term stable SEO results can be achieved by working manually and using white hat SEO techniques. Following Google algorithm guidelines while working is beneficial and do help to get top rankings.
  • Increased high organic traffic or natural visitors: Everybody wants to increase the visitors online. BPS SEO Services help increase real human visitors or organic traffic by many folds.
  • Best ROI: Growth of any business depends on ROI( Return on Investment). SEO is the best way to increase ROI via natural way. SEO by experts help to increase the ROI. BPS SEO Experts use the natural and latest SEO techniques followed latest algorithm updates by Google Search Engine.

BPS IT & Web Services is one of the best SEO Company provides top search engine optimization services to increase online brand visibility for your brand to increase the business revenue.

How to know which is the best SEO Company in India to hire?

How to search best seo companySelecting NO.1 SEO Company in India is really not an easy task. There are multiple numbers of Search Engine Optimization providers and can be found in every city. All the SEO providers are not the same and have their own reputation in the SEO or digital marketing industry. This is very difficult to trust and make the believe whether the company provides the finest SEO Services or not.  Below are some basic criteria you can follow to choose the best SEO Company in India.

  • Foundation of the SEO Company: If you are going to hire SEO Services, it is must for you to know when the particular company was found or how many years it has been providing SEO.
  • Qualification and Experience of SEO Experts: This is another most important question you must try to get an answer from the company you want to hire to get SEO services. Highly Qualified and experienced team of SEO professionals can make the company NO.1 and that’s why you can select the same.
  • Reviews from SEO Clients: While having a discussion with the SEO company you should ask about the feedbacks for that particular company given by their clients who have already taken their SEO Services. Check their feedback carefully and decide whether you should select this SEO Company or not.
  • SEO Prices: Never compromise with the quality but it means not you can invest more than deserving prices. If any company offering you the best results in very low prices, you should think about that because of quality costs. There are many companies who just try to capture the clients by offering cheap prices. You should behavior from these type of companies. Once again its better to visit multiple companies and compare the prices and you can select who is near the average price.
  • Location of the SEO Company: You should try to hire SEO Providers Company who is located near you. The main benefit of hiring nearby company is you can visit physically any time and can make your communication easy, fast and better.

How BPS IT & Web Services provides you the NO.1 SEO Services?

NO.1 SEO Services BPS IT & Web Services never compromise with the quality and always focus on how to get the best results for their SEO clients to make them satisfied with their best SEO Services.

The best team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced SEO experts in India always try to get the highest visibility in various search engines to increase the organic traffic.

What SEO strategy is used by BPS SEO Experts?

SEO Strategy used by BPSNo company reveals their secret but there are common that need to follow to get SEO results. BPS follows the Google Search Engine guidelines while working to get quality results.  Basic SEO strategy used by BPS.

  • Algorithm Guidelines: Our SEO experts keep themselves updated with various Google Search Engine algorithms so that they can work within the guideline. Some example of Google algorithms are Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, EMD and rank brain.
  • White hat SEO Work: Our SEO experts use only white hat SEO techniques. Using white hat SEO techniques we can get stable and long term results.
  • No BlackHat: In SEO blackhat techniques are used to get fast results. SEO results achieved by using blackhat techniques may invite Google to penalize your site or to drop the search results those never be achieved back.
  • Manual Work: BPS IT SEO Team most of the time try to work manually. There are multiple companies who use various type of automatic SEO software to save their time and to increase the volume of the work.

What is SEO Process by Top SEO Company – BPS?

  • Keywords Research: BPS IT’s SEO team first of all work on keywords research. Keywords have very important role in SEO even we can say SEO cannot be performed without selecting the keywords for your business. So first of all our highly skilled SEO professionals search keywords for your business those can generate business for you.  Keywords can be divided in categories such as primary keywords, secondary keywords, long tail keywords etc.
  • On Page SEO: After successful complication of keywords we move to perform On-Page SEO. In this part, we work on website pages and make them SEO friendly or we can say we optimize the website for Google and other search engines. On Page SEO keeps a very important role if we want to rank the website on certain keywords in Google and other search engines.
  • Off Page SEO: In this part, we work to generate the backlinks for the particular website we are going to rank in Google and other search engines. In Off Page SEO there are multiple activities are included such as writing content, posting blogs, articles, press releases, question & answer etc.

What type of SEO Reports are provided by BPS, one of the finest SEO Company in India?

We provide following type of SEO reports according to clients requirements.

  • SEO Work Report: In this type of report we include the work done by BPS SEO Experts day to day on your site.
  • SEO Ranking Reports: In this report, we include the updated rankings for your keywords. Reports can be shared according to SEO deal of client’s requirements such as daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.
  • Organic traffic reports: In this report, we included the number of traffic generating from Search Engines or we can say organic traffic.

What Type of SEO tools are used to track the SEO performance by The BPS SEO Expert Team?

BPS IT & Web Services uses the best SEO tools those are used by Other top SEO experts or SEO companies. Below are the tools used by BPS SEO Professionals?

  • Google Search Console: This tool is provided by Google and anybody can use this tool. Google search console is very important tool to track your website’s status and to let Google know about your website. Using Google Search console tool you can track your website and pages are indexed in Google or not, you can track the performance of your website, you can track keywords ranking, impression, CTR.

Using Google Search Console you can find out coverage issue such as errors,  Valid url’s,  Excluded urls etc. Using Sitemap option you can submit new sitemap and you can find issues related to the sitemap. You can also check if your website have any issues related to mobile versions.

  • Google Analytics: This tools is also provided by Google. Using this tool we can track multiple activities performed on your site and traffic data. We can track daily, weekly and monthly traffic with geo locations. We can easily find organic keywords with traffic to the website. Paid traffic can also be tracked and lots more.
  • Other SEO Tools: We use Screaming Frog, Small SEO Tools, Semrush, Ahref, Moz, Grammarly, Alexa and more.